Angers to Saumur in 2 days

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    Angers / Saumur
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    68 km
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    2 days / 1 night
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Go discover the hidden gems between the city of Angers and the Saumur region! Hop on your bike and let it take you from Small Towns of Character to tufa structures and troglodyte dwellings, with plenty of history and regional dishes to enjoy along the way 😊

You’ll love: discovering Angers and Saumur, seeing the sun set over the Loire from Saumur

Day 1: Angers – Gennes-Val-de-Loire: 48 km

La Doutre © S. Gaudard

Take a stroll around the city of Angers and discover it in a different light: look up and see artworks, street art, mosaics, frescoes and more. And don’t miss the famous Apocalypse Tapestry at the Château of Angers! Cross over the bridge to the Doutre neighbourhood; away from the city centre, it is teeming with history – and charm!

What to see/do/where to eat

Continue your journey as far as Bouchemaine. It’s worth making a detour to La Pointe in Bouchemaine – a charming former fishing village where, these days, you’ll bump into sculptors, painters, blacksmiths and graphic designers, all of whom have settled here.

La Pointe Bouchemaine © A. Lamoureux

What to see/do

Le Thoureil © Clo&Clem

Cross over the Maine and in no time at all, you’ll arrive in Sainte-Gemmes-sur-Loire. Here, you’ll find architecture typical of the region, including structures built from tufa stone, small châteaux, a 12th-century church, a magnificent Mediterranean garden and plenty of places on the banks of the Loire to stop for some refreshments before you head for Le Thoureuil.

When you get there, you’ll see the old village houses, be able to visit the ninth-century Abbey of Saint Maur and take a stroll around its 12-hectare park of ancient trees.

What to do/where to eat

Day 2: Gennes-Val-de-Loire – Saumur: 22 km

From Gennes-Val-de-Loire, there are two ways to get to Saumur:

Take the greenway along the north bank of the Loire.  (This route is not advisable if you are pulling a trailer.)

On the south bank, follow the Loire à Vélo itinerary once you’ve left Gennes. It runs along the river all the way to Saumur.

In the morning, before you leave Gennes-Val-de-Loire, take some time to look around this ancient Gallo-Roman town and its amphitheatre, then take a break by Joreau Lake (Etang de Joreau), a designated Regional Nature Reserve.

Saumur © P. Beltrami

What to see/do

You’re halfway to your final destination!

On the outskirts of Saumur, the route passes by some well-known wine cellars, so feel free to stop for a tour and/or enjoy a tasting 😉

You’ll know you’ve arrived in Saumur by the castle looming over the Loire. You can go up to it and enjoy an unobstructed panoramic view from its gardens over the river and the town centre of Saumur.

The latter is full of old houses made from tufa stone, cobbled streets, half-timbered houses and distinct neighbourhoods, all of which give it a special charm!

Once you’ve had a look round central Saumur, take a trip on the Loire, enjoy the sunset and try the local products you’ve almost certainly picked up along the way 😊

Saumur © P. Beltrami

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Bike hire: Hire in Angers/return in Saumur

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