Who are we?

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We are regional institutional tourism bodies. Among our tasks is the development and promotion of tourism in our regions on the French and foreign markets. We work in partnership with jointly managed brands including “La Loire à Vélo”, an interregional cycling itinerary that crosses our two regions: Centre-Val de Loire and Pays de la Loire.

Comité Régional du Tourisme Centre-Val de Loire (CRT Centre-Val de Loire)

Mandated by the Centre-Val de Loire Regional Council and presided over by Mr Pierre-Alain ROIRON, Regional Councillor, the Comité Régional du Tourisme Centre-Val de Loire is in charge of tourism development and marketing and observation of the region backed up by six main tourism brands (Châteaux de la Loire, La Loire à Vélo, Val de Loire, Berry, Touraine and Sologne) and priority industries (cultural heritage, environmentally-friendly itineraries, nature tourism, lifestyle and business tourism). As such, we implement a regional marketing strategy through two main channels: the internet and press relations. We also evaluate and asses the level of satisfaction of actors and customers.

Our key tasks :

  • Carry out promotion and marketing for the Centre-Val de Loire region in the different markets considered as a priority.
  • Coordinate and lead industries supported by the Regional Strategy for Tourism and Leisure (2016-2021).
  • Carry out economic tourism observation and marketing surveillance. Manage the regional tourism information system with our Department partners. Together, we contribute to the deployment of this tool within the regional network of tourist offices.
  • Implement the “Formations Tourisme O’Centre” measures and roll out the professionalization plan for the network of Tourist Offices.
  • Deploy and organise the “Accueil Vélo” and “Ambassadeur du Val de Loire” networks of professionals.

Solutions&co, economic development agency of the Pays de la Loire region

Aims and operations of the Solutions&co in the tourism sector

  • Furthering innovation Solutions&co is tasked by the Pays de la Loire Regional Council with promoting the development of innovation in the tourism sector. This is carried out in particular through actions that support industries as well as bringing together training, research and business actors. All forms of innovation are concerned, including product innovation, commercial innovation and social innovation.
  • Supporting the ecological transformation of tourism Based on work covering the concept of “environmentally-friendly” travel (cycling and horse riding in particular), the goal of Solutions&co is to develop environmentally friendly practices and support projects by local actors.
  • Increasing the attractiveness of local areas Solutions&co pursues segmented actions (by theme or based on tourism brands) aimed at specific target markets through adapted tools (web, press relations etc.) and develops partnerships in its promotion actions in order to increase their impact and effectiveness.

Our roles

  • Supporting the organisation and structuring of tourism industries and the development of collective projects,
  • Supporting Regional Innovation Platforms.
Promoting the local area and tourism industries through
  • events (trade fairs, colloquiums etc.)
  • press relations (receiving journalists, press releases, press kits, press conferences)
  • communication plans (publications, web sites etc.)
  • Project management of the Observatoire Régional du Tourisme (ORT)

Solutions&co serving the economy in Pays de la Loire

Tourism actions are conducted within the framework of the operations of Solutions&co, whose capital is 100% held by regional authorities. It implements regional strategies for economic development and supports innovative projects in collaboration with regional economic actors across the Pays de la Loire. Our aims and operations:
  • Developing economic activity in the Pays de la Loire by supporting businesses in strategic industries, including tourism
  • Supporting innovation in all industries
  • Encouraging the development of new design technologies and growth of the sustainable economy.
  • Providing the region and its six partner local authorities with a shared decision-making tool: the Observatoire régional économique et social (Ores).