La Loire à Vélo: nature, culture and adventure

  • D. Darrault - CRT Centre-Val de Loire
  • J.-F. Souchard - CRT Centre-Val de Loire

Discover the birthplace of the French Renaissance and laid-back living in the French style, explore an area listed as UNESCO World Heritage, discover the exceptional history and wealth of heritage of the Loire châteaux, stand and admire the sights of nature, travel through cities and villages up to the Atlantic coast, and much more along La Loire à Vélo! All this with full peace of mind thanks to different services accredited with the "Accueil Vélo" brand.

La Loire à Vélo: a unique cycle route

Cyclotouristes sur l'écluse de Mantelot, à Chatillon-sur-Loire © J. Damase - CRT Centre-Val de Loire

Stretching out over 900 km, La Loire à Vélo is one of the most beautiful cycle routes in France. Much of the itinerary crosses land that falls within the area listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Those who enjoy discovering new things will love exploring the must-sees along La Loire à Vélo

The itinerary is easy to ride, in particular for families or if you are cycle touring for the first time, as it follows the course of the river. Along the way, the route runs along different types of safe and signposted paths.
Find out more about the types of paths and roads.

La Loire à Vélo is also the start of EuroVélo 6, an itinerary which runs over nearly 3600 km from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea. La Loire à Vélo is also well connected with other routes. In just two regions of France, it links up with 9 other cycle routes and over 13 networks of circuits.

Velo Bike Chambord ©Ludovic Letot

Services for a successful cycle tour

Cyclotouristes sur les bords de Loire, à Châtillon-sur-Loire © J. Damase - CRT Centre-Val de Loire

Whether you are traveling as a family or with friends, on a cycle tour or just a one-day outing, La Loire à Vélo offers a variety of services to help you organise your journey, such as accommodation situated less than 5 km from the itinerary, bike hire and repair, luggage transfer and bike transport and dedicated rest areas.

Quality is guaranteed by the French “Accueil Vélo” brand, which brings together over 600 tourism service providers engaged in the bike-friendly approach to ensure a quality welcome.

Types of paths and roads on La Loire à Vélo

  • Traffic-free paths
    • Voie Verte: this type of path is reserved for non-motorised vehicles (bikes, walkers, horses, roller skaters etc.) and generally runs along disused railway lines, river banks, forest tracks etc. Most of the time it is surfaced with a layer of compact sand or other surfaces suitable for use by all-road bikes.
    • Cycle paths: distinct paths reserved for cyclists and separated from motorised traffic.
  • Roads shared with cars

    • Cycle lanes: reserved for cyclists and generally used in urban areas. Cycle lanes are separated from the rest of the traffic by road markings.
    • Route sans transit: this type of road is for use by residents and cyclists only. Goods vehicles are not allowed.
    • Quiet roads: roads used by other vehicles but at a rate of less than 500 vehicles a day.