Travelling without a bike


La Loire à Vélo without a bike? No problem! If you don’t have a bike, paniers or camping equipment but want to get away for a weekend or longer, you can! You can hire bikes and equipment along the way, and there is everything you need here for your journey to go smoothly.

Bike hire

Camping L'Heureux hasard, à Contres. Service de location de vélos. © Mateus Carvalho - Camping L'Heureux hasard

You’ll need to get those pedals turning if you want to make progress along La Loire à Vélo! But for the rest… just go with the flow! The itinerary has a range of services to make things easier for you and allow you to travel light.

All along the itinerary there are over 600 professionals committed to the “Accueil Vélo” approach and offering services such as accommodation, bike hire and repair, sites to visit and tourist offices.

Everything is possible on La Loire à Vélo. Hire a bike in Nantes, for example, and return it in Tours, have your bike delivered to a train station or hotel, hire an electric bike (e-bike), all-road or off-road bike or a child trailer, etc. If you have a mechanical problem, you can also make use of repair services situated all along the itinerary.

Travel light

There is a large network of accommodation providers ready to welcome you with your comfort in mind. They are all committed to the Accueil Vélo approach, meaning they are located less than 5 km from the itinerary and offer bike-friendly services, including secure bike storage, nutritious breakfasts for a sport-filled morning, packed lunches (pre-order required), laundry washing and drying facilities (free or for a fee) and, of course, advice for getting the most out of your trip. The range is wide, and there is something to cover all tastes and budgets.

Wheel Free, location de vélo © Fabien Maret - ADRT 45

If you want to camp but don’t have the right equipment, a certain number of campsites offer basic accommodation that is adapted to touring, such as Abricyclo and Anjou Bivouac. For groups of friends or families, the Group’AVélo network from Angers to the Atlantic Coast offers accommodation that will cater for all your needs.

Lastly, why not consider having your luggage transported for you? Several companies propose this service along the itinerary

« Discovering as you go along can also be a good idea. The Loire à Vélo has put together detailed route suggestions so all you need to do is pick one! »

For those looking for a pre-organised stay, La Loire à Vélo also proposes “turnkey” holidays.