River shuttles and ferries to cross the Loire

  • © J. Damase

You will cross over the Loire several times during your journey. At different points, there are ferries allowing you to change sides as well as passenger boats that you can board with your bike and enjoy drifting along the river for a short break… Just one more unusual way of discovering the Loire and combining boating with cycling during your outing. Best not to miss the ferry across the Loire!

Between Cour-sur-Loire and Montlivault

Les Marins du port de Chambord will transport you and your bikes across the river all summer.

Between Montlouis-sur-Loire and Vouvray

The Montlouis Vouvray Tourist Office, in partnership with Moments de Loire, is offering you the possibility of travelling from one bank to the other every 30 minutes from 18 July to 18 August 2023.

For more information, click here

In La Chapelle-sur-Loire

La Rose des Vents and La Brise Chapelonne will transport you from one side to the other for free.

Trélazé, Port de la Chevalerie

The ferry links the Loire by bike route to the Ardoisières site in Trélazé.

Between Saint-Florent-le-Vieil and the market in Ancenis

Return ferry to Ancenis market from Saint-Florent-Le-Vieil, bikes welcome. Thursdays in July and August.

Find out more information at: www.loire-en-bateau.fr/sorties-touristiques/navette

In Nantes, between the ferry terminal and the village of Trentemoult

Navibus Loire. : 6 minutes. Departures every 10 or 20 minutes according to the period. Maximum 10 bikes.

Find out more information at: www.tan.fr

Between Basse Indre and Indret

Loire ferry crossing. Every 20 minutes. Free
More information at: https://inforoutes.loire-atlantique.fr/44/bacs-de-loire/bac-de-loire-liaison-basse-indre-indret/info_60322

Between Couëron and Le Pellerin

Loire ferry crossing. Every 20 minutes. Free
More information at: https://inforoutes.loire-atlantique.fr/jcms/bacs-de-loire-fr-dev_5006

Crossing the Saint-Nazaire bridge

See the dedicated section on crossing the bridge