Road traffic informations



Traffic information – Saint-Brevin-les-Pins

Arriving towards Saint-Brevin-les-Pins from Nantes, the platform which had partially collapsed during the November storm was finally carried away by the swell this winter. This increases the quantity of work and the track cannot be resurfaced this year. A new diversion will be put in place and will connect La Pointe de l’Imperlay to Mindin


Traffic information – Corsept

Temporary bicycle diversion between Saint-Brevin and Corsept Following the storm episodes last November, the dike between Corsept and Saint-Brevin was damaged in several places and is closed to access for the moment. The La Loire à Vélo route, passing along the Loire at this location, is therefore impacted. A temporary diversion through the hinterland has been put in place to ensure the continuation of the route in safety. So be vigilant and follow the directions on site. More details on the new route can be found HERE


Traffic information – Vernusson dike

Work is planned on the Vernusson dike (Les Ponts-de-Cé and Saintes-Gemmes-sur-Loire) from November 6, 2023 for a duration of 15 days. Traffic on the greenway located on the Vernusson dike will be diverted during the work period. The bicycle detour will take the Sainte-Gemmes road. Signage for the cycle detour will be put in place.


Roadworks on the Canal of the “Petit Cher” in TOURS

Detour for roadworks in September and October 2023


Deviation for works – Municipality of Vairs sur Loire (Anetz) – 44

Remodeling work on the ears of the Loire is in progress. Supply vehicles use the RD 8 shared with the riverside service and the La Loire à Vélo circuit. In order to limit the crossover as much as possible, the route of La Loire à Vélo is diverted by the municipal road.

From now until mid-November 2023

Attached is a map to locate the deviation from the route and a very zoomed map with the deviation


Traffic info – Ferry from Chevalerie to Trélazé

Closure of the La Chevalerie ferry -which connects the Loire à Vélo route to the Ardoisières site- from November 7 for the whole winter.


Traffic info – Baugé-en-Anjou sector / Vélobuissonnière

Closed section on La Vélobuissonnière Following the major fire in the Baugé-en-Anjou sector in mid-August 2022, the section of greenway located between the places called Belleville and Bois Commeau (sector between La Flèche and Baugé) is prohibited. to any traffic. It is possible to circumvent this obstacle by taking part of the cyclo loop number 18 between La Flèche and Fougeré then the D217 between Fougeré and Baugé. For further information, the Tourist Offices of the Loir Valley (La Flèche, 02 43 38 16 60) and Baugeois Vallée en Anjou (Baugé, 02 41 89 18 07) are at your disposal.


Traffic info – The Angevine loop

From February 28 to April 29, 2022 The Angevine loop of La Loire à Vélo will undergo some works and deviations with the final objective of removing the current route which passes through rue St Léonard and passing through the new greenway which connects Angers to Saint-Barthélemy-d’ Anjou. The detour route to allow the work of cycling facilities within the Parc de la Paperie will be as follows: on the public domain of the municipality of Saint Barthélémy d’Anjou, via the streets of May 8, 1945, Victor Hugo and Joliot Curie, on the estate managed by Angers Loire Métropole via the Angers Saint Barthélémy d’Anjou greenway – greenway, part of which is in the municipality of Saint Barthélémy d’Anjou, and the second in the municipality of Angers, on the public domain of the municipality of Angers via boulevard Pierre de Coubertin > The detail of the route by stage


Maintenance work Information – road section between Saumur and Les Rosiers

Due to maintenance work on a portion of the road, bicycle traffic will be prohibited between Saint-Clément-des-Levées and Saint-Martin-de-la-Place between September 28 and October 31. A detour on small roads will be put in place, as the levee (RD 952) is not suitable for bicycle traffic. You can find the updated map here.


Works info – Mauves-sur-Loire bridges

From February 17, 2020 and for 7 months A rehabilitation site is planned on the bridges of Mauves-sur-Loire. Deviations will be implemented, including a transit through the Thouaré-sur-Loire and Oudon / Champtoceaux bridges. > More informations