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There’s nothing like ‘messing about on the river’, especially if someone else is ‘taking care of business’. Atoue Loire have two large river boats: ‘La Boheme’ and ‘La Libellule’ that combine a cruise with an informative presentation of the riverscape and fauna of the Loire plus a timely stop at one of the many riverside restaurants along the way, or a picnic on the banks of the seductive Loire. For those who prefer ‘cocktails at six’, an early evening cruise can be a lot of fun with music and dining. No matter what your party size, the experience can be tailored to meet your needs and budget. This is a great way to see the Loire Valley from a different perspective, learning more about its history and culture while spending a relaxing and convivial time on the river. Spoken languages ​​:English, French
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  • Voyagez léger

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