Nantes to Angers in 3 days

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    Nantes / Angers
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    100 km
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    3 days – 2 nights
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  • Ile de Chalonnes-sur-Loire © A. Lamoureux
  • Angers © A. Lamoureux

Spend a nice and easy weekend on the Loire à Vélo. Take the train to Nantes, hire your bike for the Nantes-to-Angers stage and stay overnight in the hikers’ cabins provided at camp sites especially for cycle tourists. We’ll give you all the information and addresses you need to make organising your weekend a breeze.

You’ll love: discovering surprising cities and towns, such as Nantes and Angers themselves, the views over the Loire at Champtoceaux and Saint-Florent-le-Vieil, and the Loire islands Chalonnes and Béhuard.
Ile de Nantes © La Vélodyssée Aurélie

Day 1: Nantes – Ancenis: 40 km

The City of the Dukes is teeming with culture: from the temporary and permanent installations of Le Voyage à Nantes to the famous Lieu Unique cultural centre, LU Tower, Hangar à Bananes, the Ile de Nantes with its Giant Elephant, etc. There’s something to suit all tastes and age ranges!

What to see/do

  • La Guinguette du Belvédère 
  • La brasserie Little Atlantique Brewery 

When you’re done exploring all of this, take the north bank of the river as far as the bridge at Mauves-sur-Loire, then pedal along to the rhythm of the River Loire to Ancenis!

On the way out of Nantes:

When passing La Varenne, admire the panoramic view across the Loire Valley. The Château of Clermont (which once belonged to French actor Louis de Funès) and its vine-clad slopes can be seen in the distance. Continue on your way across the flood plains for which the Loire Valley is well-known.

Upon arrival in the locality of Le Cul du Moulin in Champtoceaux, if your calves can take it, push down hard on the pedals for the climb up to the Champalud Gardens, where you’ll be rewarded with a magnificent panorama over the Loire.

Otherwise, take a short break by the Loire before then crossing the river and heading towards the village of Oudon.

Mauves-sur-Loire © A. Lamoureux

What to see/do/sleep

Saint-Florent-le-Vieil © A. Lamoureux

Day 2: Ancenis – Montjean-sur-Loire: 32 km

After this rest, it’s time to head to Montjean-sur-Loire.  Cycle to Saint-Florent-le-Vieil – a charming Small Town of Character offering a wonderful view from Mont Glonne. Take in another great viewpoint over the village of La Meilleraie – a pretty fishing village on the other side of the Loire.

Carry on to Montjean-sur-Loire, where you will spend the night.

What to see/do/where to eat/to sleep

Day 3: Montjean-sur-Loire – Angers: 40 km

Just a short cycle away is Chalonnes-sur-Loire – the largest river island in the Loire and in Europe. In the town, you can follow the trail of monumental sculptures along the banks of the Loire, or try some local wines from the winemakers themselves.

Ile de Chalonnes-sur-Loire © A. Lamoureux

What to see/do/where to eat

Savennières © Franck Charel

Continue your journey to La Possonnière. Here, you should head to the port for a superb panoramic view of the Loire and the “fûtreaux”, “toues”, “gabares” and other traditional, flat-bottomed, wooden boats.

A new stage awaits – towards Savennières. This Small Town of Characater is all about wine-growing: here, you’ll see pretty landscapes and get a feel for how this precious regional “gold” is produced  😊 Savennières is also home to the oldest church in Anjou… Will you manage to find it?!

À faire / où manger

Not far away lies the Ile de Béhuard: a Small Town of Character, cobbled alleyways… this is the very soul of Béhuard. While there, you can visit the Notre-Dame-de-Béhuard church, built into the rock on the only part of the island not subject to flooding.

Before heading into Angers, take a break on the Lac du Maine 😉

Overnight in Angers or travel to your onward destination by public transport.

Béhuard © D. Drouet

What to see/where to eat/Where to sleep

Practical information

Bike hire in Nantes and return in Angers:

Train Loire à Vélo

Arrivée en TER ou TGV en gare de Nantes et départ en gare d’Angers
TER + vélo


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