Great ideas for travelling alone along La Loire à Vélo

  • Champtoceaux © J. Damase

You have a crazy desire to set off on a cycle trip along La Loire à Vélo, but there’s just one snag, no one is available to experience this crazy adventure with you. What should you do?

What should you do? Give up the idea and wait for next year, or don’t question it, hop on your bicycle and head for the banks of the Loire; obviously we lean towards the second option. As in the end, on La Loire à Velo you are never alone, cycling is a very good way to meet people, let us explain:

  • For accommodation, think collective: You have several options when it comes to accommodation, and all offer the chance to enjoy socialising with others: campsites, guesthouses, youth hostels… For the latter we think in particular of the youth hostels The People Hostel in Tours and Ethic Etape in Angers, where as well as a low-cost comfortable bed you can share the stories of your day with other wanderers… sometimes international!
  • The local producer, your best friend: La Loire à Vélo route abounds in local producers of all kinds: honeys, vegetables, cheeses…. as well as delighting you with their delicious products, the producer will talk to you passionately about their profession… peppered with anecdotes for sure!
© C. Lazi – CRT Centre-Val de Loire
  • The wine grower, a little but not too much: AOC Cheverny, AOC Sancerre, AOC Anjou, AOC Orléanais… You will have understood that the route overflows with wines from different appellations. Whether in a troglodyte cave near Saumur, or near the banks of the Loire in Chaumont, the wine grower will be delighted to let you sample his nectar… and talk about it! Opt to consume in moderation before resuming your journey.
  • Roads, the best way to meet people: After all, sometimes meeting and sharing a friendly moment is unexpected and roads offer multiple possibilities for it. A flat tyre? A picnic to share? A château to admire? All opportunities to meet people and have a chat!
© D. Darrault
  • Remember to take photographs of yourself to create your own memories: Immortalise all your experiences and encounters on La Loire à Vélo in photographs, so you can share them better!
  • Stop at an open-air café: There are many open-air cafés along La Loire à Vélo which offer the ideal opportunity to take a break on the banks of Loire; and why not share it with other cyclo-tourists!
© C. Mouton
  • Tell us about your trip: If your experience was a great success (we’re sure it was!) then feel free to contact us to tell us about it and inspire others to take the plunge!

As you will have understood, on La Loire à Vélo you never really travel alone, so even if you don’t have a travelling companion, you will find some during a tasting, a visit or a shared experience. So go for it!