In Nantes, Saint-Nazaire and along the 120 km of the shores of the Loire river, a collection of artworks created by internationally renowned artists takes you on the discovery of unusual sites on the estuary, where rich wildlife reserves rub shoulders with gigantic industrial buildings and maritime heritage. Estuaire is now a collection of 30 artworks which take you on the discovery of this fascinating land. A “chimney house” perched 15-metres high, a 7-metres large clock set on an concrete batching plant, a 120-metres long sea snake, a soft-looking boat… To explore on foot, by bike, by car or by boat from April to October. EMMANUEL ADELY ET FREDERIC DUMOND / ATELIER VAN LIESHOUT / ANGELA BULLOCH / DANIEL BUREN ET PATRICK BOUCHAIN / LILIAN BOURGEAT / GILLES CLÉMENT / JEAN-LUC COURCOULT / JIMMIE DURHAM / EVA & ADELE / SARAH FAUGUET ET DAVID COUSINARD / JOHN GIORNO ET UGO RONDINONE / ROLF JULIUS / JEPPE HEIN / TADASHI KAWAMATA / ANGE LECCIA / CLAUDE LÉVÊQUE / BEVIS MARTIN ET CHARLIE YOULE / KINYA MARUYAMA / VINCENT MAUGER / FRANÇOIS MORELLET / MRZYK & MORICEAU / TATZU NISHI / OBSERVATORIUM / ROMAN SIGNER / SARAH SZE / STATION PROUVÉ / FELICE VARINI / HUANG YONG PING / ERWIN WURM

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