Sully-sur-Loire departmental natural park

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The 41.5-hectare parkland of the Château de Sully sur Loire is both steeped in history and rich in biodiversity. This area is divided into two parts: the historic estate built in the 15th century, formerly the château gardens, which end in the river Sange to the east, and a more natural area, the communal ponds to the south. 19 species of dragonfly have been recorded, as well as 32 species of butterfly and almost 200 plant species. At the communal ponds, you can watch the black-crowned night heron, little egret and cattle egret from the shore. Download the riddle trail.Spoken languages ​​:French
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  • Countryside heritage category
  • Protected site or on regional cultural affairs register
  • Sensitive Natural Space
  • UNESCO World Heritage

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