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“Les vignes selon Val” offers you commented pedestrian hikes with wine tasting, in the very heart of the coteaux du Layon vineyard. The Layon valley is the ultimate wine-producing region and benefits exceptional climate and soils. Since the Middle Ages, vines culture on its steep slopes permitted creating very famous wines. All along the paths on hillsides between vines plots, you will have the opportunity to discover all specificities and the history of the Layon’s hillsides. You can familiarize yourselves with culture and vinification techniques and understand how important are the interactions between the vine and its environment. Finally, an initiation to wine tasting will give you the opportunity to fully appreciate the wine-grower art and work. The hike proposed in Savennières starts in Place du mail, near the church and realises a 7 km loop. It crosses marked out hiking trails but also private plots with the authorization of my wine-growers partners. The hike is punctuated by dozens of informative stops with a Savennières wines tasting. Hours: Opened throughout the year by reservationSpoken languages ​​:English, French
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