The forms of the name of the town have evolved a lot over time: Rotohenge / Rothoenge in 1036, Rotundum / Rodente between 1038 and 1046, Rouant / Roem between 1114 and 1134, Rouant / Roene / Rouand in 1179, 1269 and 1287, Ruant / Roant / Rouant in 1406, Roant between 1629 and 1633 and Rouans from 1706. According to Noël Tonnerre, the first spelling of Rotohenge would be of Visigothic origin, because it is mentioned in the cartulary of Saint Sergius the existence of a “villa” of Visigothic foundation between Vue and Rouans. The name comes from the Gallic Rotomagos or Ratumagos meaning wheel market or racetrack. In addition, we can specify that the town changed its name during the revolutionary period, to temporarily call itself Barra-les-Marais.

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