Eva Jospin is a sculptor. She is curious about materials and craftsmanship, often creating monumental works with infinite precision using modest materials. The beauty and resilience of nature, as well as the disquiet and fascination featured in myths or fairy tales, are sources of inspiration for this artist, whose work symbolically gives nature centre stage. At the heart of Île de Nantes, Jospin completely has taken over a 50+ metre-long alleyway that is open to the public in a building mixing residential and commercial space between Rue de la Tour d’Auvergne and Rue Pierre Landais. At both entrances to the alleyway, the artist slightly hollowed out the whitewashed plaster walls. Its gentle grooves beg visitors to discover this monumental work taking over the passageway courtyard. In this shaft of air and light, Eva Jospin has designed a massive trellis. Around the trunk, she patiently set up vines, foliage and clusters of lighter rope slightly dyed in colours ranging from ochre to brick. Like a goldsmith, she tied and encrusted hammered elements made of brass, copper wires and leaves made of cut-out pieces of tracing paper, thus imitating nature’s multiple essences.

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  • Historic site and monument category
  • Contemporary installation
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