Located at the western tip of the Ile de Nantes, Hangar 21 is better known to locals as the Hangar à Bananes, the Banana Warehouse. This dates back some 60 years, to the time when the climate-controlled warehouse stored bananas and pineapples from Africa. Since then, the building has been refurbished as part of Le Voyage à Nantes project. Since 2011 the HAB Gallery is permanently dedicated to contemporary art . – – SUMMER EXHIBITIONS OF LE VOYAGE À NANTES 2012 Roman Signer “Mon Voyage à Nantes” 2013 Felice Varini “Suites d’éclats” 2014 Huang Yong Ping « les mues » 2015 Taturo Atzu, Tatzu Nishi, Tatzu Oozu, Tatsouro Bashi, Tazro Niscino « Solo Group Show » 2016 Ange Leccia « La mer allée avec le soleil » 2017 Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel “Le Nu et la Roche” 2018 Céleste Boursier-Mougenot : fluides 2019 Claire Tabouret “If only the see could sleep” 2020 Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil “Automatic revolution” 2021 Gilles Barbier “Working on Sunday” – – NEXT EXHIBITIONS IN 2022: February 17 to April 24 – Bertrand Dezoteux “Memoirs of a tourist” June 9 to October 2 – Michael Beutler

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