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A family vineyard run by Jean-Louis, Denis, Jean-Dominique and Jean-Laurent (Fathers and Sons), it represents 40 hectares of AOC Sancerre: 27 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc for the Sancerre Blanc cuvées Domaine and Les Romains, 10 .6 hectares of pinot noir for the cuvées of Sancerre rouge Domaine and Belles Dames. Today, Jean-Dominique and his brother Jean-Laurent take care of the estate. Very grouped around the historic town of Sancerre, the vines of Domaine Vacheron extend over this town on either side of the Sancerre fault. Domaine Vacheron works with respect for nature and the environment in certified biodynamics. The vineyard is cultivated organically by traditional hoeing, weeding and it is harvested by hand.


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