Caesarodunum – Tours à l’Époque gallo-romaine

This summer, the ancient world will once again be on the town’s doorstep during this weekend event, when the Marmoutier site will once again be covered in Roman, Gallic and Germanic camps. Discover the daily life of the period, from weaving and cooking to minting coins, try your hand at firing the scopio, the formidable artillery weapon of the Roman legions, or learn all about the equipment used by soldiers and gladiators. And take some rest at the Gallo-Roman tavern before witnessing the grand final battle between the Romans and the Germans! New for 2023: in an amplified setting, try your hand at archery and the pilum, the Roman javelin, discover haspartum, the forerunner of rugby, or enjoy the antics of Faunus, god of herds…

Full adult price : 10,00 €

Free rate : 6,00 €

Period (s) Morning Afternoon Opening day Closing day
24/08/2024 - 25/08/202410:30---

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