A weekend from Angers to Nantes – 4 days

  • place
    Angers - Nantes
  • access_time
    4 days
  • © Les Love Trotteurs
  • © Jean-Sébastien Evrard
  • © A. Lamoureux
  • © S. Gaudard

Take a long weekend to discover the heritage, châteaux and countryside between Angers and Nantes. Young or old, alone or as a group… you will find plenty of ideas for travelling light and carefree.

Day 1: Angers - La Pommeraye (Montjean-sur-Loire) (50 km)

Bouchemaine © S. Gaudard

When you arrive, savour the easy-going Anjou atmosphere by exploring the city and château-fortress with its magnificent views of the Maine.

Hop on your bike and set off in the direction of La Pointe, an old boatmen’s village at the confluence of the Maine and Loire and where the views are a moving sight.


A few pedal strokes further on, you will arrive at Béhuard, a Small City of Character where you can stop for a lunch break.


Continue to the village of Savennières, which is famous for its dry white wine. This village never fails to please, with its fauna and flora, vineyards and La Possonnière port and ancient boats.

After Montjean-sur-Loire, continue to La Pommeraye (ask about the safe cycle path in the Tourist Office).

Information on the stage:

  • Steep hill after La Pointe to reach Epiré. To avoid it, follow the Loire (the path is a little narrower and bumpier).   

Day 2 – La Pommeraye - Liré (Ancenis) (35 km)

When you set off, those who wish can visit Cap Loirea park dedicated to Loire boating. Follow the Loire along the south bank, taking time to admire the views of the village of Ingrandes-sur-Loire and the Loire islands!

Stop for lunch in Saint-Florent-Le Vieil and climb to the top of Mont-Glonne for an exceptional panoramic view of the Loire. If you fancy, before setting off on the final leg of the journey towards Ancenis, take a trip along the river with a Loire fisherman for a breath-taking experience!

Saint-Florent-le-Vieil © D. Drouet

Information on the stage:

  • Follow the itinerary along the south bank to Liré
  • From Montjean-sur-Loire to Saint-Florent-Le Vieil, the itinerary follows the dykes of the Loire along a shared path with a cycle lane. There is an alternative route via the valley of La Thau, which is quieter.
  • Fairly steep hill to climb to get to the top of Mont-Glonne in Saint-Florent-le-Vieil

Day 3 – Liré (Ancenis) / Nantes (40 km)

Ancenis © A. Lamoureux

Cross the bridge in Ancenis and set off in the direction of Oudon, where you will discover its medieval château and keep with stunning views over the valley.

Return to your bikes and cross the Loire to head to Champtoceaux. This bucolic part of the itinerary alternates between local farmland and vine-laden hillsides. After the bridge at Mauves-sur-Loire, continue on the south bank along a green lane running alongside the Loire. Stop for lunch in one of the many restaurants on the banks of the Loire or enjoy a picnic facing the river. Finish your journey by continuing along the south bank in the direction of Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire.

Day 4: Nantes / Departure

Hop on your bike again to visit Nantes, with the Ile de Nantes and its machines, the famous Passage Pommeraye, the Château of the Dukes of Brittany, the Bouffay district etc.

End the day with a break in front of the water mirror and enjoy a moment’s rest before your journey back on the train or plane.

Nantes © J.D Billaud - Nautilus/LVAN

General information:

Hiring your bike in Angers or Nantes: Détours de Loire and Vert Event both offer the possibility of hiring your bike in one city and returning it in another.

Transporting your bikes: if you are in a group, contact Bagafrance or France Vélo for transporting your bikes (quote upon request).

Luggage transport: Bagafrance or France Vélo