A day between Blois and Chambord

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  • En vélo sur les bords de la Loire, à Blois © J. Damase - CRT Centre-Val de Loire
  • Chambord : vue panoramique sur le château, les jardins à la française et le Cosson. © D. Darrault - CRT Centre-Val de Loire
  • Visite du château de Chambord avec les tablettes : vue sur le jardin © L. Letot_DNC
  • La Loire à Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire © E. Vandenbroucque - CRT Centre-Val de Loire

Enjoy a bike ride through greenery that is ideal as a family outing. Wander round the Château of Chambord, a Renaissance gem, before returning to the Loire and its unique wildlife.

Au départ de Blois

Bonus: An easy bike ride recommended for families, since it is mainly composed of “green lanes” and is therefore “traffic-free”.

Arrive in Blois by train or car. In the city centre, you can park your car and hire an all-road bike or electric bike (e-bike) from Accueil Vélo professionals. Spend time visiting the old district of the city and admire the magnificent view of the royal château. Cross the Loire and follow the river for a little over 1km before veering away to join the Château of Chambord. The river of Cosson will guide you to Chambord and its 5,440-hectare estate mainly composed of forest. Cycle along the paths and you might be lucky enough see a stag. Cross the threshold of the château itself to discover its grand rooms, fantastic double helix staircase and terraces from which you can admire the 6 hectares of French formal gardens designed during the reign of Louis XIV and renovated in 2017.

Chambord : vue panoramique sur le château, les jardins à la française et le Cosson. © D. Darrault - CRT Centre-Val de Loire

Return to your bike and head in the direction of Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire, the old port of Chambord. Board the Saponaire, an identical boat to the ones that transported construction materials for the château. Stop off in the Maison de Loire which has a scenographic space dedicated to the longest river in France. Back to the bikes for the last stretch of the ride which will take you to Blois along a cycle path on the banks of the Loire. End the day with a magical moment by reliving the history of France at the château’s sound and light show.

Idea for a break :

In Maslives, discover the sweet treats in the biscuit shop of Chambord.

To do as a family:

In Mont-Près-Chambord, dive into a 2000-m2 swimming pool that is 100% environmentally friendly in a 1.5-ha space dedicated to “nature” leisure activities.

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