Regional produce on La Loire à Vélo


Enjoy the opportunity during your journey on La Loire à Vélo to tickle your tastebuds! Taste products from our terroir that are as rich as the lands you will cross through on the route.

The famous Gâteau Nantais

Be transported by this cake with exotic flavours – a wonderful mix of sugar, almonds, butter… and Antilles rum! You can find it in mini, small and large format; you can also save it for when you arrive at your destination (depending on how far it is 😉)… A treat for your tastebuds, to share!

Gateau Nantais © Guillaume Chevalier Photographe

Berlingots Nantais – with Italian origins!

These little sweets from Nantes are sure to delight young and old – you can get them in different flavours and combinations, all unique, more or less… it would actually seem that Berlingots come from an Italian recipe, made by the cook for the Consulate army. La Loire à Vélo will truly transport you!

Quernons d’Ardoise from Angers

This speciality from Angers will make you think of the slate mines, blue and square. You’ll love the unique look and delicious taste of Quernons d’Ardoise, with crunchy nougatine and luscious chocolate. You can easily pop a bag into your cycle-touring panniers! 😊

Fouée buns

These little oven-baked bread rolls will seduce your tastebuds: they are often filled while still hot with rillettes, mushrooms, or butter, depending on the bakery. And Fouée buns are even better when shared around a table with family and/or friends, and a good bottle of wine (drink responsibly)! Enjoy an unforgettable moment.  😊 

Fouées © M. Chaigneau

Rillettes and rillons from Touraine

In Tours and the surrounding area, make sure you try the delicious rillettes and rillons from Touraine. The origins of these pork-based specialities date back to the 15th century. You can enjoy them as part of your pre-dinner snacks or as an entree, by themselves or accompanied by a piece of crunchy bread or a Fouée straight out of the oven.

Nougat de Tours

Nougat de Tours is not actually nougat, it’s a delicious cake that you absolutely must try!  Created in the 19th century, this delicious dessert was brought back in the 1970s, with the same ingredients as the original recipe. It features a shortbread pastry base, filled with a mixture of apricot jam and candied fruit, and topped with almond macaron batter. A treat for your tastebuds!

Selles-sur-Cher cheese

Among the region’s many goats cheeses, one that we love is Selles-sur-Cher. This small round cheese with a light texture and subtle hazelnut flavour is aged for around ten days, or even a little longer. It goes amazingly with a glass of Val de Loire red or white wine.

Tarte Tatin

Created in Sologne in the late 19th century, this iconic dessert is the result of a happy accident.  One busy day in a family hotel-restaurant, Stéphanie Tatin forgot to line her tart tin with pastry. Instead of starting again, she placed the pastry on top of the apple tart that was ready to go in the oven. And the Tarte Tatin was born, to the great delight of foodies!

Cotignac d’Orléans

Cotignac d’Orléans is a delicious sweet treat made from quince paste. It is presented in a pretty little box made from spruce wood. You can eat it in different ways: break it into pieces or lick it like a lolly from your childhood. You will find this sweet at cake shops, confectionery shops and grocery stores with high-quality products.

Orléans vinegars and mustards

Maison Martin-Pouret is a very old vinegar-maker, dating back to 1797, where you can still buy Orléans’ famous vinegars and mustards today. Nowadays, they offer a lovely array of vinegars, mustards and cornichons with unique and subtle flavours.

Crottin de Chavignol

When pedalling through Sancerre, you absolutely must stop and discover one of the local favourites. Crottin de Chavignol is a delicious goats cheese that can be enjoyed at any time of day.  Semi-dry, dry or blue… whatever your preferences, it is sure to delight your tastebuds!

Sancerre wines

These are the other stars of the region, alongside Crottin de Chavignol – the famous Sancerre wines.White, red, or rosé – they’re made from two varieties, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.  The fresh, subtle and perfumed notes go excellently with every dish, from pre-dinner drinks to dessert.