New on the La Loire à Velo website!


A new notebook, a new search engine, reservation for your bikes on the Loire à Vélo train, the “Travel light” option, accommodation, and activities bookable on the website… We’ll tell you all about it!

Put the finishing touches to your route with the new notebook

You can plan your route along La Loire à Vélo. The notebook has changed and offers you an easier experience for planning your stages. This new notebook, which is more ergonomic and accessible on mobiles will allow you to:

  • Manage your trip: starting point, finish point, intermediate stages, your visits, accommodation and activities included in your trip
  • The option to complete a section by train: indicate in your journey that you will be completing some of it with the Loire à Vélo Train, and your overall itinerary will be recalculated
  • An immersive 360° view of the itinerary is available so you can preview your route
  • An audio guide of the route and a recalculation of the route map will be carried out as your journey progresses

> So over to you!

Search for visits, accommodation and hire companies… with the new search engine

Whether you are mid-trip or planning your journey, you can do a search easily with a few clicks! Type in your keyword, or the professional whose name you know, and you will find it immediately. You don’t know the exact spelling? The engine will help you with predictive text or its ability to recognise spelling mistakes. Finally, you can refine your search in accordance with location, labels, ratings and categories… Seek and you will find!

> Overall search page

Book a place for your bikes on the Loire à Vélo Train

The question no longer arises as to whether your bike will go in the train or not. It is now possible to book a place for your two-wheeler, without worrying about availability once you are there. For this all you have to do is book your “bike” ticket directly on the La Loire à Velo website. This booking is in addition to that for your train ticket for the journey on the SNCF website (Yes SNCF or TER regional)

Choose the “Travel light” option

Being free as air or light as a feather, two expressions which could describe your trip when you stop off in campsites which provide everything you need. Indeed, whether it is a question of pitches or dedicated accommodation (abricyclos), services or even a specific type of accommodation, you will find what you are looking for in the “travel light” section.

Book your accommodation and activities… directly on the website

Do you want to book an activity, accommodation or something else for your La Loire à Vélo journey? No problem, you can do all that directly on the website. All the information is available: prices, dates, the “Accueil Vélo” label… You can find all that in the sections “Accommodation” and “Activities