How can you organise your meals well during a trip on La Loire à Vélo?


When you set off on a trip or a wander along La Loire à Velo, there are many different options for having a meal. Picnics made up of delicious local produce, packed lunches, local markets, restaurants or open air cafés. Let us tell you all about it!

Sample local flavours on La Loire à Velo

If you want to prepare your own meal, what could be better than to go for a wander around the many markets in our towns and villages? Find out when the market days are in relation to your stopovers on La Loire à Vélo. Over the seasons, you can slip into your basket: cold meats, crunchy vegetables, goats’ cheeses, fruit, delicious desserts and crusty bread… all accompanied by fruit juices, local beers and, why not, a little glass of Loire wine. Here are a few ideas for picnic spots

panier de radis sur un étal
Marché de Loches © OT Loches – I. Bardiau

Do your shopping at local producers and shopkeepers  

Farms, cheese shops and village grocers and bakers. Do your errands along the way. It will give you an opportunity to choose some delicious products and chat with local producers, always delighted to tell you about their work, which they will do with passion!  

Treat yourself to some packed lunches provided by the “Accueil Vélo” service providers 

Amongst the numerous services offered by the service providers involved in the “Accueil Vélo” label, packed lunches of products made by artisanal food producers, (to be booked in advance), are a good alternative to try out if you haven’t the time or the desire to go on small shopping trips.  

Famille à vélo en train de pique-niquer
Pique-nique © J. Damase – CRT Centre-Val de Loire

We’re not forgetting either the restaurants and open-air cafés, which abound in fine weather along the banks of the Loire and its tributaries, where you can sample local flavours and the great cooking of our chefs! 

Travelling light 

As regards equipment, only bring the absolute minimum: a small light camping stove, a very small bottle of gas, a light set of pots and pans, and mini utensils. There will be lots of good things along your route… discovering the culinary delights of a region is just as important as the visual delights!