Discover five night-time shows in the Loire châteaux in 2018

  • Pashrash
As you travel along La Loire à Vélo this summer, spend your evenings discovering the many night-time shows that light up the Loire châteaux. From April to September

Sound and light show at the Château of Blois

Throughout summer and into September, the Royal Château of Blois invites visitors to discover its history differently. From the centre of the courtyard, discover, spellbound, key moments in the history of the château through 3D modelling, remixed music, spatial sound, video mapping and more. The “If Blois was recounted to me” sound and light show uses the latest technology to create a spectacular show in a whirlwind of 360° images!

Lights at the 2018 International Garden Festival

At nightfall, a mysterious and fairytale-like atmosphere reigns on the paths of the International Garden Festival. Illuminated by LEDs, these “Gardens of Light” take on stunning colours and create unique atmospheres, plunging visitors into a poetic, magical and fascinating imaginary world!

The Prophecy of Amboise

Plunge into the past in the spectacular setting of the Royal Château of Amboise with “The Prophecy of Amboise”. Over 250 performers, accompanied by streams of images and light, will transport spectators to the court of Charles VIII where, hidden in the shadows, Louise of Savoy is secretly overseeing the great destiny of her son, which was promised to be a royal one by a mysterious hermit… The ascension of Francis I is near!

Late openings at the Château of Le Clos-Lucé

Attend the “On the wings of Leonardo da Vinci” late openings at the Château of Le Clos-Lucé and share the great artist’s dreams during four summer evening events. On the forecourt of the château, the original work of the Cour des Contes troupe will take spectators on an enchanting journey though narration and song to the heart of the world of the great master’s inventions. These unique events culminate in a note of music or a dance show.

King René’s walk

King René’s walk through the centre of Angers is a gentle walk organised every Saturday evening from 21 July to 11 August, offering free visits and performances on the theme of King René, the Tapestry of the Apocalypse and the medieval world.