Bike services on the Loire à Vélo

  • © C. Mouton CRT Centre Val de Loire

The Loire à Vélo offers a multitude of services to make your life easier before, during and after your journey along the itinerary, including bike hire and repair, one-way services, the “Travel Light” solution, long-stay car parks and luggage, bike and people transfer. See them all!

One-way bike hire

Travel with peace of mind on the La Loire à Vélo by hiring a bike from one of the companies offering a one-way service on the route. You can start cycling at point A and return your bike at point B. For example, hire a bike in Angers, start cycling and return it in Saumur! This option is a good way to travel as you wish, with a free spirit and the wind in your hair!

Bike hire

The Loire à Vélo without bike hire companies would not be the Loire à Vélo! The hire companies listed on the website have the Accueil Vélo accreditation, which guarantees that they meet certain requirements: being less than 5km from the itinerary and offering dedicated equipment, services, accessories and an attentive welcome… Just step inside to meet the staff!

Bike mechanics

In the event of an accident, incident or technical problem, there is bound to be a professional mechanic who can come to your rescue! There are professionals to welcome you into to their workshop all along the itinerary, most of whom have the Accueil Vélo accreditation. Like the hire companies, the mechanics will always welcome you with a smile.

Luggage and bike lockers

Visit the cities on the Loire à Vélo without being burdened down by your luggage or your bikes! This service on the itinerary will keep your belongings safe while you go for a walk, discover a nearby site, have lunch, stop in a cafe, etc. See all the facilities offering luggage and bike storage on the Loire à Vélo!

Long-stay car parks

Do you want to park your car for several days to enjoy the Loire à Vélo? Several options are available. First of all, ask the accommodation where you plan to stay. Some places offer parking spaces where you can leave your car. Another alternative is to park your car in a free or paid car park. However, it is strongly advised to check the maximum time allowed beforehand (especially for free car parks).

The “Travel Light” solution

Are you tempted by the convivial atmosphere of one or more nights at a campsite but don’t want to be weighed down by luggage? All along the Loire à Vélo you will find campsites offering accommodation for touring holidays. All the equipment is provided, you just need to carry your personal belongings. Travel light!

Raised tents at the Gien campsite © Camping de Gien

E-bike charging stations

Whether you have your own electric bike or have hired one, you need to know where you can charge it with peace of mind. To find out more, go to the FAQ section where you will find a list of dedicated sites and Accueil Vélo service providers.

Luggage, bike and people transfer

Among the many services offered on the Loire à Vélo, the luggage, bike and people transfer service is a solution that will simplify things for you. Contact one of the companies for a quote. They are logistics specialists and will take care of everything for you. All you need to do is cycle and enjoy your trips and discoveries!