A bike ride on La Loire à Vélo is great for your health!

  • X. Pardessus - CRT Centre-Val de Loire

When you get on your bike for a ride on La Loire à Vélo, it’s a win-win - you’ll enjoy exceptional landscapes and keep in shape at the same time! That’s right, the benefits of cycle-touring for your health are numerous. Here are just a few.

Get some movement in on your bike 

Cycling is a type of physical activity that is easy on your joints, so you can strengthen your muscles without causing injury. It tones your thighs, calves and abs, and strengthens your cardiovascular system. More experienced athletes can pick up the pace and pedal more quickly. So what are you waiting for – enjoy a lovely bike ride and stay in shape!  🚲 

Unplug on your bike  

Kilometre after kilometre, enjoy the different landscapes: heritage, wild nature, encounters… The birdsong will accompany you all along your journey, changing with the twists and turns of the Loire! The sweet air from the river and the sea caresses your face… It should be clear that La Loire à Vélo is an excellent way to unplug from your daily worries. We promise, with a few minutes on your bike, you’ll be in a whole other world!  😊  

Bouzillé © Un Monde à Vélo

Enjoy the fresh air on your bike 

Bike rides are a great way to get some fresh air. So, whatever the weather, put on the appropriate gear and jump on your bike. When the sun is shining, it will replenish your vitamin D 🌞. As for your sleep, it will markedly improve, becoming deeper and therefore more restful. You’ll feel the difference when you wake up! 

Improve your mental health on your bike 

It’s well-known – getting on your bike and heading out on a bike path (and this one is truly unique, we must say!) gives you endorphins. What are endorphins, you say? You know, it’s the hormone of happiness that gives you pleasure!  

Saumur © Jean-Sébastien Evrard

So don’t wait! Go and grab your bike and set out on La Loire à Vélo.