12 golden rules for cycle tourists

  • Le Thoureil © Anjou Tourisme -Sebastien GAUDARD

The Loire à Vélo is a 900-km cycle route between Cuffy and Saint-Brevin-les-Pins and winds its way past vineyards, gardens, ocean views, exceptional heritage sites and more, as well as a few towns and cities! It is a shared route that everyone must be able to use, between greenways, shared roads and urban and rural areas. Below are 12 golden rules for good cycle tourists: 😊

1. Use cycle paths, greenways and shared roads.

2. Obey the highway code both day and night and follow traffic indications (lanes, signs, traffic lights, etc.).

3. Use mandatory equipment:

  • Two brakes: front and rear.
  • A yellow or white front light and a red rear light.
  • Something to make yourself heard: bell, horn… voice!
  • Reflectors, retro-reflective devices: red at the rear, white at the front, orange on the sides and on the pedals.
  • A certified reflective jacket must be worn by all cyclists (and their passengers) when riding outside built-up areas, at night or in poor visibility.
  • Helmets must be worn by children under the age of 12, whether they are cyclists or passengers.

4. Don’t carry passengers, except on specially fitted bike seats!

5. If the passenger is under 5 years old, the seat must have footrests and straps.

6. Groups must ride in single file for everyone’s safety.

© D.Darrault CRT Centre-Val de Loire

7. Always remember that cyclists must dismount in pedestrian areas.

8. Never listen to music through headphones, earphones or earbuds. It is strictly forbidden and it prevents you from hearing what is going on around you and spotting any potential dangers.

9. Never use your mobile phone while cycling because it distracts you and is dangerous.

10. Keep an eye out for approaching electric vehicles as they are difficult to hear.

11. If you are cycling as a group of more than 10 people, consider splitting into two groups to make the journey safer.

12. Do not ride your bike after drinking too much alcohol. Above 0.2 mg/l of breath, it is against the law and is sanctionable by a fine, but it is above all very dangerous for both you and others around you.

Cycling has many advantages. It is good for your health and helps look after the environment and the planet. It can be enjoyed by everyone and is one of the best ways to discover an area at your own pace. So make the enjoy your trip to the full and make sure you follow the basic safety rules!

Cycling and riding safely