The “cœur de Gare” project consists of the construction of an aerial crossing, a generous glazed volume open to the city, designed by Rudy Ricciotti, to link the North and South stations, which have themselves been renovated, and to serve the platforms. Nantes ici Nantes can be seen on a large screen in the station’s mezzanine. With the colourful pop graphic vocabulary that characterises their work, Mrzyk and Moriceau offer station users a film that is akin to a journey, a poetic odyssey, a film-drama: a character with infinite metamorphic possibilities explores the city in every possible way and discovers, between two extraordinary plants, chimerical architectures and mutant anatomies, the material and immaterial heritage of Nantes. Gone are the overused postcards: cultural and tourist emblems become pretexts for all kinds of graphic experiments in a surrealist rereading of the city!

Period (s) Morning Afternoon Opening day Closing day

  • Historic site and monument category
  • Contemporary installation

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